Common Aspects Of Employment Laws

There are various existing laws governing employment that a company or business owner should be aware of. These laws are very critical when a new company or business is looking for employees especially during the initial stages. Depending on the country you are starting your business, these laws are different, but they have common points applying to them.

Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to dire consequences such as the shutdown of your business by the government. It is there imperative to familiarize yourself with such laws and do everything possible to abide by them.

Minimum payment and wages

Minimum wages have been established by most countries that should be paid to workers. This must by followed to ensure fergtertgetuuyour business abides by the set laws. For example in the US, the setup minimum wage per hour applying to most workers is seven dollars per hour.However, there are exceptions to this, especially when dealing with administration, executive, sales workers on commission, professors, teachers, and other professional employees.

It is, therefore, necessary to check the category of the positions your company or business want to fill. The laws also govern the overtime payment for the different categories of employees.


Discrimination of people in their workplace is not allowed regardless of your country of origin, race, gender or even any kind of disabilities. Job interviews before employment by any company should also be free from any discrimination.

Interviews should be based on a person’s specialized knowledge and ability to perform the required tasks and any discriminatory factors on a person should never be taken into account. Once employed, equal opportunities must be provided to every person regarding hours of work, wages, advancement and type of task to be undertaken within the company.

Safety measures

It’s the business owner responsibilities to enhance safest working conditions for their employees. Safety precautions include the provision of protective clothing, fire exits, fire extinguishers and a clear indication of hazardous bhglhlhhiifgareas. As an employer, you could be heavily prosecuted in case an employee gets injured when the safety conditions do not exist. Violation of protection laws has led to the shutdown of many businesses.

Company handbook

This is not a legal requirement in most countries. A handbook is necessary as it clearly shows what is expected regarding pay and conditions, hours of attendance, terms of conduct, safety and company’s procedures. A handbook guarantees equal opportunities and safety of employees in their workplace. It also outlines the various responsibilities of each employee.