Neda Nozari is a lawyer and arbitrator with proficiency in mediating a wide range of personal, legal and organizational disputes. She is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and proficient expediter of communication. Neda’s know-how consists of but is not restricted to employment, housing, education, and family.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University holding a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She later proceeded to John Marshall Law School where she attained a Juris Doctorate. Her ultimate expertise is being talented in understanding the requirements and concerns of people and parties who appear to be far apart in their arguments.

Neda provides an all-inclusive attitude in both her arbitration practice in addition to her law practice. Her passion is working toward creating a joint system that inspires dialogue, consultation, and arbitration as a way of resolving disputes. Embracing the idea of accommodative issue-solving as presented through her method in mediation, Neda has devoted her training to inspiring an organization where we work collectively to resolve concerns while still working to be productive and efficient.

Besides being a dedicated negotiator, she is similarly a dynamic and meticulous attorney. By picking Nozari Legal you’ll have our assurance to the maximum ethical standard.



1. Business Law

In case you are just starting a business, presently a small entrepreneur or are engaged in a grander corporate venture, we can assist you with your requirements in a way that is appropriate and cost-effective. We recognize the distinctive challenges undergone by business owners and we can acclimatize you to them.


Our Areas Of Practice:

· Preliminary business formation

· Purchasing or Selling a Business

· Agreement drafting

· Agreement negotiation

· Business expansion

· Reinforcement of best practices & policies

· Support with legal facets of human resources

· Formation of employee manuals

· Dispute resolutions

· Legal representation in legal proceedings



The office is usually an area where people devote most of the time during the day. Therefore, it must be a healthy and safe environment where workers are comfortable and industrious. Workers have the mandate to a discrimination, violence and harassment-free workplace. They must have the mandate to reasonable wages and nondiscriminatory labor conditions and practices. With an obligation to workplace fairness and impartiality, we pursue the protection of the civil rights of workers who frequently don’t know where to go to or what they should do.



· Unfair Discharge

· Color, race, national origin, religion & age

· Gender presentation

· Ill health discrimination

· Sexual Harassment

· Equivalent pay / salary & hour

· Service Contract Disputes

· Union agreements

· Family Health Leave Act – pregnancy discrimination, parental leave


What is mediation?

Mediation is an unpaid procedure in which agitating parties deliberate the dispute with a neutral person, the negotiator. The aim of this procedure is for the parties to get solutions in resolving their disputes. The negotiator is there to assist in facilitating the procedure and ensure both parties are understood. In contrast to a trial, arbitration or trial, in which only one person wins and another loses, mediation aims at finding a way out that is meant to mutually benefit and bring to an agreement all involved.


Why mediation?

Conflict is frequently a normal consequence of an association- whether it’s a personal or professional one, disputes are almost inevitable. Getting resolutions to conflicts is regularly not easy and getting resolutions that are pleasant to both parties engaged sometimes appears impossible. Having a competent and specialized mediator to assist parties to steer the dispute and come up with a mutually suitable resolution is regularly a brilliant technique to not only get a solution but perhaps even patch the relationship if preferred. Our main goal is to enable a situation where parties are comfortable to communicate openly and freely but in a way that is productive, effective and focused. We can offer the guidance essential to resolve complex differences be they business oriented, employee agreement, issues linked to estate organization or family matters.


What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

· Secretive & confidential

· Quicker than legal action and more efficient

· Economical than lawsuits or arbitration

· Progressive & safeguards relationships

· Sustaining & flexible

· Prevents courtroom stresses

· Deliberate

· Empower both parties

· Contracts are likely to be honored

· Likely to yield justice



At Nozari Legal we understand that nothing is as personal as where your home. In case you are purchasing a new house or selling your present one, we can assist make a regularly emotionally overwhelming experience go efficiently and with ease. We’ll do all the tough work and ensure that you understand your rights are and exactly what you’re signing. We will campaign for your welfare, discuss at your behest and make sure that you are safeguarded.


Areas of practice:

· Housing real estate- buyer and seller

· Cook County Property Reliance closings

· Contract preparation for landowners

· Lease assessment for renters- commercial and residential

· Disagreement resolution of agreement disputes

· Commercial land closings